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Ever thought of creating your very own website to sell your boat?

Now you can, and we will help!


We’ll create a professional and phone-friendly webpage with specs, photos and details about your boat.

Your webpage title will be formatted as the model year, manufacturer, length, model and date posted. Additionally, your page will include:

  • Owner’s history with a Designer/Manufacturer backstory. if available.
  • Photo Gallery
  • Walk-through Description
  • Price
  • Location (City, State)


We’ll upload your webpage to our server at BoatMustGo.com and host it for up to one full year.

Every webpage will also include a “Call-to-Action” form (just like the one below) that will send an email directly to the address you provide.

Webpages will be optimized, just in case someone is searching for a boat just like yours.

All we need from you are enough good, high-quality photos, some specs and a great story that will grab a potential buyer’s interest.




    The cost of your webpage and hosting requires one easy payment of


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